Letter to Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad

By: Abdullah ibn al Mubarak (786)

O ye who worships in the vicinity of the Two Holy Masjids!
If you but see us, you will realise that you are only jesting in worship.

He who brings wetness to his cheek with his tears
should know that our necks are being wet by our blood.

He who tires his horses without purpose,
now that our horses are getting tired in battle.

Scent of perfume is yours,
while ours is the glimmer of spears and the stench of dust.

We were narrated about in the speech of our Prophet,
an authentic statement that never lies.

That the dust
that erupts by Allah’s horses and which fills the nostrils of a man
shall never be combined with the smoke of a raging Fire.

This, the Book of Allah speaks among us
that the martyr is not dead,
and the truth in Allah’s book cannot be denied.

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